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Happy Thursday!

Happy Thursday, everyone!

Any updates from upcoming brides?  Anyone getting married this weekend?  I know we have a few next week!

I've been MIA as of late... working two jobs is getting very difficult!  But we're getting close to the 7 month mark - super exciting. :)

Re: Happy Thursday!

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    Well i am doin alllll right SmileThese last two weeks were a roller coaster!

    For starters, My Mom got me my dream pumps & clutch by Badgley Mischka.

    Then the unexpected happend, Tableau was canceled last minute on me, but Wynn is making it up to me BIG! 
    Doing LaCave for Cocktails and then Lakside for dinner and XS Dancing
    I am soooooo happy we got this fixed, and i must say they really moved people to get everything re-set.

    Now its the Place Cards & Table #s =)

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    direy25direy25 member
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    Wahoo for being almost at the 7 month mark!  I just noticed my ticker and I can't believe it's already been 5 months since the wedding.  Crazy!

    Cheers to all of the brides getting married this weekend and next!  Maybe I'll try to crash some weddings while I'm there, lol!
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    themrsJRDthemrsJRD member
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    Can't believe it's almost here!!! Going to spend the weekend packing, laying out, making lists, etc, etc... we are really excited!

    I know how it is working multiple jobs... it can be so hard but from a money perspective it's very nice. Lol. Stick with it :)
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    I am all done with work befire the wedding! After I get out of clasa today, FI and I are heading to Vegas to wiek at Age of Chivalry ren fair. We drive back to SoCal Sunday evening. Minday I will be running around doing any last minute errands. We drive back to Vegas on Tuesday after classes foe out wedding week! I cant believe next week is the wedding. I might do an AW post with my escort cards when I get home, I love how they came out
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    Wow!  Everyone's really busy... yay for October brides and trips to Vegas (direy)!!

    Unfortunately, I only work for one company, but they asked me to work two jobs temporarily.  Hopefully it'll reflect in my raise at the end of the year.  :)

    Yes, please AW some pics!  I need me some wedding porn!  We've been in a wedding lull as of late...
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