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Good Morning!

Morning Ladies!

How are you all doing?

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New years will be here soon!

It seem's we have a LOT of new people. . sooo come out come out whoever you are and introduce yourself so that we can recongize you :o) Plus, congrats on recent engagements!
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Re: Good Morning!

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    yes, big congrats on engagements- every year at the holidays, LOL!

    christmas was great for us- none of the FMIL drama that occurred over Thanksgiving, thank goodness! FI and I have decided to go to Augusta for New Year's to visit some friends at the lake- looking forward to a fun celebration without having to pay $$$$ to sit at a bar in downtown charlotte all night!

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    image 89 Are ready to party!
    image 11 Will be missing out!
    image 22 Can't find the mailbox!
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    Morning! I'm about to go look for a job. Not my favorite thing to do at all. I wish someone would just know I was looking and call me and say hey, we have this amazing job that pays a lot of money and you'll love it so come work for us, but I know that'll never happen haha. 

    FI and I don't have any plans for New Years yet except moving to Greensboro on the 31st. I can't waitttt to move.
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    I always feel bad posting on these so late but I don't log on to TK at work!

    I went back to work today after a 4 day weekend -- only 9 more work days left until we start the drive back to NC!!!  So much to do.  I am going between totally freaking out and not wanting to do anything besides sit on the couch.  The latter does not help anything. 

    It was a little bit weird not being home for Christmas but it was a much less stressful holiday without having to go between the families and we enjoyed our day.  I don't even know about New Year's yet -- we both have to work on New Year's Day, so whatever it is, we'll probably be in bed before midnight (sad, I know).
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    Let me formally introduce myself! I am Kristin and recently got engaged on 12/23, which was anticipated between then and New Years after dating for two years. I recently moved to NC for a teaching job from MD. My babes mom lives about an hour and a half away from me in Calabash and Chris and I just love the area, so we are thinking about doing our wedding down there. I am currently living in NC and Chris will be moving to the area within the next few months.

    I spent Christmas in MD with my family and babe, who proposed to me on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial at night (probably the most romantic place in the whole city). For New Years, we are taking a mini-break and getting a hotel in Myrtle Beach and being low-key for the first time in two years and I CANNOT WAIT!!
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