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Hi Everyone... my FI & I have been together for quite some time.... in Nov 2013, it will be 10 years.  We have been engaged since 2009.  At first, we were not really planning b/c we were in no hurry to get married, wanted to do something we really wanted... but then we both lost jobs, and got jobs... and finally set a date, THEN I got hit by a car while out biking riding.... okay so not to bore you any further.... FI and I want something fun, somewhat unique, and not too expensive.  We are planning from Toronto, CA, and won't be able to make a sighting trip.

It will be us, and at least 4 other ppl for sure.  Then, I will be inviting, 4-6 more.  I am hoping to keep it small, we are private ppl and although outgoing, not center of attention ppl.  I was looking at the Skyline Chapel, I like the new look.  Never being to LV, what are the best budget 3+ star hotels to stay at?

Chapel wise I was looking at CotF, the Skyline and I guess another location that is unique that I have yet to find?

Reception wise, I would like a place with good food... I was thinking of Envy? Any feedback there?  we are not big Italian foodies but do like food... would like to do some decor myself, and some dancing maybe.

I hope to spend no more than $5k... is that evenpossible? That includes, wedding, reception, flights, stay (guests pay for own flight/stay)... we are looking at Nov 2013... is there a cheaper time in vegas?  also would like a cooler month.


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    I think 5K might be a little hard with your flight included...

    A lot of chapel packages are at/around $1,000 unless you do the bare minimum with no floral, no pictures, etc.

    The reception probably about double that if you do it at some place like Envy.  Staying on the strip will cost you anywhere $100+ a night unless you catch a really good Groupon deal and that's just a regular room... Nothing fancy.  Staying downtown is cheaper and you could even walk to the license bureau from many of the hotels, but it also means that you'll have to taxi or limo to the strip if you do anything down there.

    One thing about bringing your own decorations into the reception... Who is going to set them up?  I think some restaurants would be OK if it were just favors/place cards or guestbook, but I don't see them doing your centerpieces, floral, etc. for you.   I think it would be hard/stressful for you to do it on the day of and it really wouldn't be fair to ask one of your guests to do it unless they offered.  I'm not trying to discourage you because we did DIY decorations, but that also meant hiring a day of coordinator for a few hours to help with the set-up which will easily set you back another $100+ depending on who you go with and the amount of set-up required.

    You can cut your budget a little by buying a pre-owned/sample dress, e-mailing save the dates, and making your own invites. Vistaprint is a popular printing site and there's always brides on the budget brides board posting coupons for it.  And you might earn a little on the bad U.S. dollar right now like we did.  (But who knows how long it will be this way...)  Also having your wedding on a weekday can often cut the cost.  Perhaps having cupcakes instead of a wedding cake.

    But what about photography?  Hair and make-up?  Tips and gratuity?  Don't forget the marriage license fee and the officiant fees...  It seems like a little bit here and there, but it really starts to add up!

    I'm not trying to be a debbie downer and I'm sure with a lot of careful planning it might be possible, especially if you knew the area well... but it might be really, really hard.  Is there any way you guys can make a bigger savings goal, seeing as you have more than a year out left?
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    My story is so similar to yours! We've been together almost 6 years, engaged since 2007. We also lost jobs and such, but we're finally planning for November this year :). Congrats!! I booked the Skyline Chapel at IP, we paid $850 for our package which includes photo and video, hair and make up, and flowers. They offer a package for $350 which just doesn't have a video. We are also paying an extra $150 to bring in our own photographer. It's a great deal!! The coordinators are amazing and the chapel is gorgeous!! We plan on staying next door at the Flamingo, and I have no recommendations as far as dining, we still haven made up our minds!!
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    Thanks to you both for the advice.
    @Crazybeautiful1 - oh my gosh, I am so happy to hear about the Skyline... it does look awesome!  I too was thinking about staying at the flamingo... I am even okay with staying off the strip, although as a first timer to LV, I would like to be on the strip.

    mizutamababy  - I had hoped $5k would be enough... I really didn't want to go higher, but I suppose I can go to $7.5K... I am hoping it wil only be about 6-10 of us... even when planing here in Toronto, that was my wish and I was hoping to keep it at $3k lol But I guess you are right, I didn't consider the additional stuff... I just do not want to go to $10k..

    I guess luckily my guests are not big drinkers, so I hope that cuts costs, I liked the in-suite idea, but it sounds SO pricey....

    I just want a great restuarant with great foodm and fun!
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    Since you are in TO, look at flying out of Buffalo.  We booked for May from Buffalo (we're from Sudbury) to Vegas on Southwest using Jackpot Vacations - for 2 flights and 8 nights at NewYork New York it cost us less than $1800.00  It was by far the best deal we could find for flight/accommodations Air Canada & WestJet were more than $2000 just for the flights.

    The pictures of Skyline are beautiful!! I think it would be a great choice - if it had been completed when I booked it definitely would have been a front runner!

    Good luck & I hope you don't have to go too far over budget to get what you want!
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    Thanks!! I have been looking into NYNY, seems like a decent hotel.  The Monte Carlo seems to have good rates as well.  I am currently looking at Golden Nugget now.

    burntofferings I would love to see your budget.  I sure do not have as many ppl as you, but I would love to see a reasonable budget breakdown so I can squeeze in all I want, but not spend $$$ over the top!

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    Thanks!!! U r the best!  <3
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    I tried to PM you also BURNTOFFERINGS, but it wouldn't submit. Can you please PM me your breakdown? You and I have very similar scenarios.
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    I would love to see it too if you dont mind :). We've only booked out ceremony so far and are having a hard time figuring out our budget! @memsjq: we looked into chapel of the flowers as well but fell in love with the skyline chapel, especially since its a Sunday wedding and CotF is closed Sundays. Another inexpensive idea for dinner could be the Paradise Garden buffet at Flamingo. It overlooks the wildlife habitat and I believe it's about 20-30pp, with a good variety of food. We've also looked into the buffet of buffets passes, $50 for access to 6 buffets over a 24 hour period. That covers meals for most of our weekend!!
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    We spent about $6500 for 26 people, including flights/hotel (it does not include our spending money for food/activities, however). About $2100 of that was just the chapel/photography. We also dined on pizza & wings with our group for the reception, so there you go. We spent money on what was most important to us. Didn't do really any extras as far as group stuff, because most of the guests were only there for 2 nights & they all had other things they wanted to do, which was fine by us. I think you could make it work if you focus on what's most important to you & spend accordingly.
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    In Response to <a href=" Wedding BoardsForum:91Discussion:e62446b0-a760-405d-8340-87381c7378ffPost:5d710949-64e9-46f3-9a02-2b8718a942d8">Re: Intimate/Small Wedding</a>:
    [QUOTE](I'm sorry this part is in caps. I can't fix it. I tried re-typing it.)  Here is our budget. It does not include tax/tips. I included vendors and comments so you know how I got the prices. Obviously, some of this may change/wiggle depending on final count and such. This is a rough idea of how to do 50 people for $7500-ish. Makeup & Hair: $200 - Harmony Medina Cake: $200 - cupcakes from Pick Your Poison Catering: $1100 - Masterpiece Cuisine (we may not hit this limit; they have us at $900 right now) Beverages: $400 - alcohol from any of the big box alcohol suppliers - beer, wine, mixers Dress & Accessories: $550 - David's Bridal always has $99 sales and an outlet Flowers: included with chapel package Additional Flowers (MOH, BM, mothers, fathers): $100 Reception Decor: $50 - dollar store, Michael's coupons, JoAnn's coupons, etc STDs, Invitations & Stamps: $100 - VistaPrint has amazing deals, and you can usually get a coupon if you join their mailing list. Watch Groupon for them too. My Ring: $150 His Ring: $50 (We plan to upgrade my ring on our five-year anniversary. FI got his through a special at JVL.) Officiant: $80 (not included in our package) BM & GM gifts: $100 Hotel Room for Mom & Dad: $300 Our hotel room: $200** Train (Amtrak: Chicago to Vegas) for Mom, Dad, and us: $1100 round-trip Photography: $900 - Todd from Bently & Wilson. This is an eight-hour package with strip tour. We didn't factor in the cost of additional prints because we aren't ordering those until a few months later. Limo Rental (for strip tour) - $250 - Presidential Limos Ceremony Venue: $500 - Graceland Chapel. This includes flowers, ceremony photography, ceremony music, DVD, web broadcast, and a set number of prints. Vista Suite (reception site): This is at Mandalay Bay. It holds 30-60 people comfortably. The room for two nights is $1200. We got it for two nights because it's easier to wake up and get going on hair and makeup and have it ready to decorate and set up the food and stuff. I didn't want to switch from a regular room to the suite in the middle of the day.    **I separated our hotel room cost from the Vista Suite cost. Obviously, we don't have to pay for a hotel room for the two nights we have the suite. ;)
    Posted by burntofferings[/QUOTE]

    Thank you so much for sharing :). That's an awesome guideline!!
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    We're having a fairly small wedding as well and are probably going to come in under $5k with spending money for our stay.

    We're using and got a really great deal.  They have a promotion right now where they will upgrade you to the next package for free.  So I booked the $729 package in the main chapel for $429 (plus taxes and addons).

    Also, depending on where you are flying from, check in Allegiant Air,  We got round trip airfare from Peoria (where we'll be living) to Vegas and 7 nights at the remodeled Tropicana, picked our seats, have a checked bag each way and Neon Lights Strip Tour for $1200.

    Also, we aren't doing a full on dinner reception.  We're doing appetizers and cake at Biscayne in the Tropicana and will probably be able to come in under $500 for more than 10 pepole.  Tropicana is also doing our cake, that serves 25-30, for $157.

    Good luck!
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