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Stressing out, location help please!

Hello ladies, FI & I are way stressed at this point with the wedding 47 days away & the AHR right after that.  We need help with a day after location for everyone to meet at.  We are paying for the meet & greet dinner, & the reception, but my grandmother & his mom are insisting that we also hold an event the day after the wedding.  Do you ladies know of a location for 35 ppl where EVERYONE CAN PAY ON THEIR OWN but we can all sit together?  I was thinking of a buffet but the what are the chances of everyone sitting in the same area?  Any advice would be helpful!  Also it doesn't matter if it's brunch or lunch.

Re: Stressing out, location help please!

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    Start calling around.  That would be the best advice I could give.  Decide on some places that you wouldn't mind going and start there.

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    If you call any of the major hotel buffets, they can arrange for a private eating area for your party.  You'll get the variety of a buffet, everyone can pay for their own meal and you can all sit together.  My previous employer set up a couple of office events like this, and it worked out fine.

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    Thank you impslave, that sounds wonderful!
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