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Hi, Just wondering what is a strip tour? Is this when your photogrpher takes you a couple different places and takes picture?

I'm getting married at the Grove and they provide a photgrapher there for the ceromony but I would really love to get some pictures at certain places ( Las Vegas Sign)  and alot of other places that I think would make great backdrops... Does the Casino's let you take pictures inside even if your not staying there?

Is it best to hire some one to do this or should I have friends take pictures??


  • With a strip tour, you usually hire your own transport and the photographer comes along or follows. 

    As for permission to shoot inside casinos, the short answer is none of the casinos permit photography on their grounds if you are not getting married/staying/etc. there.  You can sometimes get away with it, but it is not technically permitted.  Security stops the photography if they see it in most casinos, and some places are much quicker to react than others. 

    Cosmopolitan and Venetian might give clearance for limited photography on their grounds if you contact their public relations well in advance and request permission/paperwork.

    It is usually easier to shoot outside than inside.

  • In *most* strip resorts, you'll have no issues taking picture as long as you're not in the gaming area.  However even that's possible if you're quick about it.  We took pics of our entire wedding party around a closed craps table in Mandalay and were gone before they could say anything.  Everywhere else on the grounds we didn't have issues taking extended pics.

    Some resorts are not as nice about taking pictures on their grounds because they try to enforce a monopoly for their, typically, rip-off in-house but outsourced photographers; mostly Cashman.  Venetian for example, even when we were considering using their chapel and a private ball room still told us they would not give us permission to have commercial photography on any Venetian-owned property.  Cosmo has had some recent stories of asking photographers to leave.  Haven't heard of much at other resorts so if you have anything in particular in mind you may not have issues.

    Married in Vegas - June 2011

  • We are getting married at the Grove too. We hired Todd-Bentley and Wilson as our photog. We will do the strip tour with him. he will also be photographing the ceremony even though The Grove provides a photoghrapher.
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