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DJ Godzilla?

Has anyone used DJ Godzilla? If so what are your thoughts. Thanks!

Re: DJ Godzilla?

  • Sara191431Sara191431 member
    edited December 2011
    Molly just used him and had rave reviews!  We actually just decided to book him for the ceremony instead of just using their PA system, he's only charging us $65 which is so cheap compared to others I had contacted!  We may book him for the in-suite reception too but still debating on that, not due to cost just due to if we want a DJ or not.
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    I just convinced FI that we need a DJ.  We are both procrastinating about the ipod play list.  He has my date available so I am hoping to book him this week.  Molly's reviews have me sold.
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    Hi there!
    He was a HUGE wild card for me. I read one knottie that had used him. It really came down to me not wanting to mess with an iPod and that he was only $200 for the entire evening. I had very low expectations. I thought he was going to show up with a laptop and some speakers! He had a full dj set up. You should be able to see him a bit in my pro pics that I posted. If not, I just got a bunch of candids this morning and there is a better view. I will say that I did NOT use him for announcing, etc. Some professional DJs are very into playing the wedding DJ role - talking, etc...I didnt want that and he is not that kind of dj. I gave him the playlist I wanted to start the night with and than gave him the genre of music we liked and music that we did NOT want played. The music was perfect.

    Calvin (his real name) - has a regular day job I believe so he is not the quickest to reply to emails.

    I dont think there are many DJs out there that they charge $200 for the night.

    If you are hosting your reception insuite make sure you give him enough time to set up, check his volume, sound etc.. It took the bellhops awhile to get his gear to the suite.

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    based on mollytn75 's rave review, we just booked him for our reception. we were originally going to go with All Night Long DJ (Maggiano's preferred vendor) but when I read DJ Godzilla was only $200 vs the $600 All Night Long quoted us, we went with DJ Godzilla.

    mollytn75: you say you guys didn't use him for announcing, but will he do announcements?
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    $600 was not in the budget for me. $200 - yes!

    kclschroeder - I am sure he will do announcements. I just can't comment on how his "dj voice personality" :) He had a microhphone because he did announce hubby and I when we did our first dance. And our guests used the mic to do their speeches. It was really nice.
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    When you guys say $200 all night, is that unlimited hours? He quoted me $200 for 4 hours and then $50/hour after that.
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    Hmmm, sounds like he is changing things up a bit. It wasnt 4 hours. But I see that his craigslist ad now says $200 for 4 hours. and $35 each additional hour.

    I would see if you can negotiate. He must be realizing that he is too cheap!

  • edited December 2011
    I am the one who reffered him to you Molly and I am glad you liked him :)

    We still keep in contact with him he is a pretty cool guy!
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