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Nevada-Las Vegas

Vegas Brochure

Hello all...I am thinking about doing a Vegas Brochure, has anyone done this or no of anyone who has done this...If so, do you mind sharing?  Thanks in advance...

Re: Vegas Brochure

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    We did a "newsletter" type of thing...I don't have a copy of it with me...but I would be glad to share.  I'll try to remeber to post it,...it just had a bunch of info about the transportation, shows, interesting facts and hotel black information.

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    Do you mean something to send them in advance or to give them when they arrive (for example in there Welcome Bags)?

    I think what Jan2012 has would be great if you send it well in advance.

    What I am doing is making a map of the strip and highlighting spots where wedding events will take place. I will also include an itinerary (I will have one itinerary for guests and a more in-depth itinerary for the WP and family members). I will either mail it to them a week prior or put it in their Welcome Bags (I am only doing Welcome Bags for the people who are staying in our room block).
  • germesehgermeseh member
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    @ CamilleJon, I would like to include them in the welcome bag.  Jan2012, that is exactly what I was thinking...
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    Hey germeseh!  If you would like me to email it you please send me your email address...I would be happy to share!
  • wenawinterwenawinter member
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    I also did a welcome brochure, that we mailed to all our guest before coming out to Vegas. Many of them used that the whole weekend they were out there and found it really helpful!  I can e-mail you a copy of mine too if you like. A fellow Knottie (whose name unfortunately escapes me right now) gave me hers that we "copied" off of.
    Let me know if you'd like it!
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