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what happens if?

We invited enough people to fill the private room at wicked spoon where we will have to meet a $1500 f&b minimum. but lets say only 10 people end up coming and we dont come close to being able to meet the minimum? The wicked spoon has our credit card number to an account we ended up closing.  We didnt have to pay a deposit, just give them a CC# to secure the room. Would they try to charge the cc# they have if we decide not to use the private room?? The contract says we would be responsible for $750 if we decide we no longer want the room. what happens if they charge it and the account is closed?

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  • The way it works, as told by the girl that did our contract, If the miniuim isn't met, then yes, they charge the minimium regardless, to the card supplied to hold the room.

    If the account is closed, they can attempt to charge it and once it is declined, they can request a new CC number or if they really want the money, they can try to take legal action. 
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  • A contract is a contract; if you don't fulfill your end you're responsible to pay them what is owed, which means giving them a new credit card, writing a check, etc.

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  • Besides all the legal stuff, I feel like that is SERIOUSLY bad juju to start your marriage off, lol.
  • If the card is declined, they will contact you. If you don't pay them within the timeframe they specify during that phone call, they can send you to collections. If you don't pay that, the collection agency has the right to sue you for the full amount plus fees.

    Collections stay on your credit report for up to seven years. Lawsuits stay on there for ten. I highly recommend changing the credit card they have on file. $750 isn't worth it.

    If you don't end up with enough people, ask about adding things to meet the minimum. I think they can make a signature cocktail, your guests can order premium booze instead of well drinks, they can make a fancy wedding cake, etc.
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