Sixth Avenue Ballroom- Topeka


We got engaged Nov 2010. My mom called this venue in December to try to schedule a visit for our June 2012 wedding (we wanted June 16th). The owner said "Oh you've got PLENTY of time, just call me back in a few months". So my mom calls her back in Feb and the owner says "Oh I already have a wedding booked that weekend." Shouldn't the owner have called us when other interest was expressed for that day, when we already expressed our interest and SHE told us to wait??

So we moved our wedding up. She has been completely rude ever since.

My dad has worked in the beer industry for 15+ years. When we originally booked she told us kegs were $200 each. She has a license so you have to buy through her and she can charge WHATEVER she wants. We went in to pay our final payment and she said "Oh kegs went up to $250. You're in the business so I'm sure you know how that goes"and my dad said "Kegs went up $4 last month and thats it" But she can charge whatever she wants and we have no choice. She charges $3 a bottle for bottled beer and only stocks certain kinds. When we asked her if she would stock Blue Moon for our wedding she said we would have to prepay for it (understandable). So my dad said "Okay a case is around $20 so how much would you want us to prepay" her respone... "$3 a bottle" So we 86'd that idea. Not paying $75 a case of beer. IF she had any business sense she would buy the case for $20, charge us $30, and still charge our guests $3 a bottle. She would double her money. But instead she's getting nothing.

Prices of the doorman were not included in the contract ($115)
Price of one bartender was included, but we apparently need two ($30/hr for 6 hours)
You also have to pay a $200 clean up deposit in case something gets broken during clean up. Well we are paying them an additional $250 so we DONT have to clean up. They are doing the clean up. So my mom said "so if something gets broken during the clean that we are paying you to do, I just have to take your word for it and pay for it?" and the owners response was "yes, you'll just have to trust me" SERIOUSLY?! Trust you when your word as been SH*T this entire process? You changed our date, raised your prices, and cop an attitude every time we talk.

Long story short, had I known this lady was not the least bit pleasurable to work with I would've paid more money to have my wedding elsewhere and had the PLEASURE of working with someone nicer.
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