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Wedding Postponed

So after much consideration and conversation with my FI and Mom, lots of screaming and crying(yes I sound like a baby but having to call off your wedding or postpone it, really hurts) we have decided to postpone the wedding a year. We are not sure of the date right now because the church is book on the date that I want, my brother also graduates on that date, and the band that we have we have to check their schedule.

We now have a year and a half to figure things out and we are going to do one thing a month! And pay for it all up front not just put the deposit down.

So far we have my dress, venues, and photographer and florist since those were all done for the last thing.

Thanks for all the vibes and prayers, i think im gradually getting over the shock of not being married this week!

Re: Wedding Postponed

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    glad you got it figured out. hopefully now you can relax and breathe a little more

    only thing i would suggest, even if you can afford to pay for things up front...i wouldn't do it in this economy. put it in savings....too many vendors fall through the cracks, go out of business, etc....i would hate to see you lose an entire payment in case this was to happen. we were going to do the same but when i started seeing girls around me lose money they paid on cake lady skipping town, dj's no where to be found, dress shops going under, photographers canceling....i decided to wait until 30 days before the wedding to pay the vendors the rest of their money. 
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    Glad you could figure something out! Best Wishes.
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    TOTALLY agree with Amanda, dont pay everything up front!!!! There were three or four girls on these boards that got burned because their cake vendor literally up and vanished, and stopped returning their calls, emails, etc. Finally she did resurface but basically told them to leave her alone or else she'd sue for defamation and slander, and all this nonsense. There was a bridal shop here in Charlotte that shut down about 1.5 years ago, leaving girls without dresses, etc. Dont trust that any vendor will DEFINITELY be in business when you get married. Put away some money every month into a savings account, earn a little interest, and pay in full right before the wedding.

    Good luck!!!
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