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Hello, does anyone know which bridal salons in Kansas City carry plus size bridal gown samples? I know that I can hold a smaller size in front of me, but I'm not sure if I have a good enough imagination to picture the dress on.


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    David's Bridal, go there first because you'll be able to try on several gowns in your size.
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    I actually bought mine online (Ebay from China) and it was made to my custom size. Love it!!! Not to mention, hella cheap ($168).....

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    I found a dress I liked at a local salon and bought it on netbride.com  <<<(clicky) for like half of retail! The only downside, when they give their etimated arrival, they are really close! I recommend ordering early!

    I started at David's and didn't really like anything they had, but I got a general idea of what I wanted in my dress. Then I looked at a couple other places. The place I actually found my dress, the owner was kinda rude...I told her I had my own alterations lady and she didn't like that! So I didn't feel bad not buying there.
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    I'm also looking for the same thing. I'm going dress shopping next weekend.
    My friend's suggested Group USA in the Olathe Mall. They do all types of gowns, but they have a bridal section. It's a good place to get an idea of what you want, and then go order it online haha. That's what I'm planning on doing. 
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    David's and Group USA are the only ones that carry plus size gowns.  
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    if you need some plus size dress ,you can have a look at this site:
  • i dont want to just order a dress i would like to actually try some on, does anyone know anywhere close to kansas that has a good selection of plus size dresses to try on?
  • Bridal Extraodinaire in Shawnee, KS has a huge selection of plus size samples!
  • Special Occasions in Odessa has a great selection of plus sized gowns. They offer dresses from size 2- 26W. With a great selection of gowns size 14 to 26W. They are a little "out of the way," but they have great dresses and the service is WONDERFUL! It is definitely worth the drive.

     I would NEVER suggest buying a dress online! I have heard horror stories from ladies buying dresses online. First of all many of these online retailers use the designer's pictures to show their dresses (which is illegal!) The worst part is that brides believe this is what their dress will look like and the dress they receive is cheap, poor quality, and looks nothing like the dress they were promised. Some brides never even receive the dresses they pay for! My advice... play it safe, spend the money, and get a beautiful high quality gown for your wedding day.
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