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When I met with my photographers (the amazing Leslie and Matt of Elizabeth Scott Photography) for the first time, and I told them I wanted bridal portraits, they were super excited. They said that its a dying art, and people rarely want them anymore (something I didn't realize). I just figured if I was going to be in a fabulous gown that I wanted to document it.

I definitely want to take them outside, somewhere kind of rustic (and maybe incorporate some vintage furniture). Although, once I saw a bride who had one picture of her laying inside a claw-foot bathtub (I thought that was pretty fabulous!). I 'm trying to come up with a list of possible locations, and thought I'd see what kind of experiences my fellow knotties had!

So I thought I'd ask: Did you have bridal portraits taken? Were they artistic or more traditional? Where did you have them taken? Any suggestions for locations anywhere in NC?

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    I don't know if you'd call these "traditional" or "artistic" I think they're a little of both.  I did mine in my hometown's gazebo, and on our family farm.  And actually I did them the day of the wedding after the ceremony and reception (we had a morning ceremony) so I wasn't worried about my dress.  I think a lot of what you see that are "artisitc" are probably taken as more of trash-the-dress kind of photos. 

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    We're going to be doing my portrait at the bell tower on UNC's campus.  Kind of a vintage-unique look.  No vintage furniture or accessories though... just the old brick and blue ceiling tiles and brick columns with archways.  If for some reason we're not satisfied with that, then we'll go to the Arboretum on campus and do a shoot there.  My plan "c" back-up location is still in the works... I'm looking in my area for an older building with columns, obviously not your traditional shoot in front of a painted back-drop. 
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    Mary, I love your pictures -- especially the ones out in the field!  That's the look I am totally wanting for my bridal pics!  They are beautiful!

    I am still debating location for my bridals with my photographer, but we are talking about doing them at the farm where I used to board my horses.
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