Amazing Inexpensive Wedding Photographer

Hey Kansas City ladies, my wedding photographer just moved to the KC area and I cannot crow enough how amazing and inexpensive she was.  You can check out her stuff at:  http://jenifriendphotography.com/ She did such a good job that we are using her for our maternity photos and newborn photos (when the time comes!)  But like I said she just moved to your area and I thought I'd share my secret with the KC brides on a inexpensive, super professional and fun photographer.  She really listens to what you want and makes sure you get it.  She encourages you to send her inspiration photos.  I bombed her inbox with them!Anyway I thought I'd give you guys a little gem that's now in your area.  Any questions shoot me an email at [email protected] or reply I'll be happy to tell you all about her!

Re: Amazing Inexpensive Wedding Photographer

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    So... on the knot you say she did your wedding and moved to KC area... but on the Nest you say that you were just "looking around" for a baby photographer and found her... but she hasn't done your pics yet. I call VENDOR!And the pictures aren't that great anyway....
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    No not Vendor, just good friend of the photographer who used her for her wedding and is trying to help her out in a new area.  I will be using her for my maternity/newborn photos, I just wanted didn't want to be too pushy on the baby boards because I had never posted there before.  Also, I was trying to find other photographers websites so I could look for picture ideas.  So not vendor, just rabid fan really.  And your opinion is your own I guess, just like I think her pictures are great, and really inexpensive.  I was just trying to help out brides in your area looking for a good deal in this bad economy.  Take the advice if you want or not, but I'm not a vendor.
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