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So my fiance and I are going to do our engagement pics in Lawrence and we are trying to think of different places to take them. Campus is a must, but we don't want our pics to be too cheesy with Lawrence locations (no Fieldhouse pics!!), so we are thinking around Potter Lake. However, I wanted a couple pics that are more modern (i.e. not in a random park) because our actually reception location is really urban. Any suggestions??

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    These are my e-pics from around Lawrence.


    We started in Veterans Park, then went to the gazebo in South Park on Mass [where our ceremony will be], we did pictures in the alley between the parking garage and mass street shops, and finally on campus.  That alley might be a really good location for what you're thinking.

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    Thank you so much! and great engagement pics!!
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    Have you thought about Watson library? The stacks are really cool and unexpected. ... Maybe go up to the terrace at The Oread hotel? The fifth floor overlooks the whole city, might be a good spot.
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    I just got married in Lawrence, at Danforth Chapel in June of this year. Our photographer had a place in mind that I had never seen before....and it was awesome! This is the only way i know how to explain where it's at: in between Danforth and the Chancellor's house.....but down the hill just a bit.....there is a stone wall with a staircase going up it....it front of it is a really great fountain.....if you take the stairs down the hill that are across from Fraser hall, just a few yards from Danforth, you will find your way to it.I will send a picture if I can find out how. :) But the place made for great "non cheesy" pictures. just the stone wall with the staircase behind us. etc.
    Our reception was at the Oread, so we had several nice shots taken from different balconies. I really like the stone there which i think made for some classic looking pictures.
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    Look in the alleyways behind Mass Street. There are some really neat possibilities there. Also, the train tracks in North Lawrence? Those are a couple spots if you're looking for something a little edgier.

    Downtown is where the majority of our engagement pix were taken. There are little nooks and crannies everywhere you go along the alleyways. If you go early in the morning, you'll catch some amazing natural light!

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