Welcome KS Knotties! Come On In...

Welcome Kansas Knotties!  Hopefully we can share vendor information, meet new people and put together a local Knot Get-Together.

If you are new, please be sure to read TK's FAQ's/Rules first and foremost:

Kansas FAQ's

How to post a picture in your sig?
Upload a picture to www.photobucket.com or www.tinypic.com or any other website that hosts pictures.  Choose the Update Signature option on the left-hand column.  Choose the "EDIT MY AVATAR & SIG" link (above your profile.)
Use a code similar to this for your signature with your URL from the hosted website:

<*a href="YOUR URL HERE target="_blank"><img src="YOUR URL HERE border="0" alt="Photobucket"*><*/a*>

Take all the * out

How to add a Bio to your sig?
Using the code below, take out the * and place the link to your bio.
<br /><*a href="YOUR BIO URL HERE"><b>*YOUR BIO NAME HERE</b></br>

What are some good websites to use for my Bio?
The 2 most used websites and user-friendly are www.mywedding.com and www.weebly.com

Now for the fun part: join in!  Feel free to join in the daily/weekly threads , make a Bio and/or ask questions.  Don't forget to introduce yourself!  Also, please feel free to PM me if any concerns, questions,  suggestions, etc. arise.  =)

Re: Welcome KS Knotties! Come On In...

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    Please be courteous to your fellow board members and moderators of TK when it comes to typing your responses, etc.

    Being a mod on the boards takes a lot of time.  We all volunteer here, we don't get paid.  When we have to zip through several posts every day and read to make sure no one is spamming, advertising, being outright rude, etc. it makes our jobs 10x easier if there is an attempt to spell things correctly, capitalize and make paragraphs.

    It really takes no more effort when typing responses, to click enter a few times and TK has made it easy to click the spell check at the bottom.  This is a courtesy to all the mods on TK that moderate and to your fellow board members.  It just makes it easier to read, plain and simple.  Which makes things run smoother and everyone able to respond better.

    I would greatly appreciate it and I know most of the girls on here will also.  Thank you!
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