Parks in the kansas city area

Does anyone know of any really nice parks in the kansas city, ks surrounding area that wouldnt require much decorating for a wedding in the middle of july? Perferably cheap to free. Its going to be a small wedding so i dont need a huge space. thanks :)

Re: Parks in the kansas city area

  • lauraf1202lauraf1202 member
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    For KCK?  There's Wyandotte County Park, and Wyandotte County Lake Park... I went to a summer wedding at Wy Co Lake Park, at the stone hall that looks kind of a like a castle.  There's also Shawnee Mission Park, which is very nice, but a lot busier.

    Those are the ones that are coming to my head right off the bat... where in the KC area would you be coming from?  
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    Antioch park is also really pretty - we did our engagment photos there b/c there are so many picturesque spots
  • MarquettaBMarquettaB member
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    Loose Parks Rose Garden is very pretty but you have to book early.
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