I don't recommend Tomorrow's Memories in Andover.

I wanted to share the experience one of my bridesmaids had when she went to be measured for an Alfred Angelo dress at Tomorrow's Memories. The associate measured her and had her try on 2 dresses. The first one was in a size my bridesmaid suggested, which ended up being way to big. The associate then put her in a dress 4 sizes smaller and recommended a size bigger, knowing full well that she just measured my friend's waist as 7" BIGGER than the waist of that particular size. I think the associate should have realized there was a large error and recommended a bigger size. My bridesmaid now has a dress 3 sizes too small and we have to pay for extra fabric to fix it. My friend told me as she left the establishment she did not have a very positive experience there and didn't feel the associates were very knowledgeable.
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