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Yello!  I have recenty moved to Salina, KS with my fiancé, so I don't know the area all that well.  I've looked at the Bicentennial Center, and want to stay away from there (too pricey, and bad vibe).  

What are the good places and what should I stay away from?  

We want a super casual reception, to fit 50-60 people, and be able to order pizza and serve our own food too.  Alcohol is not being served, so we don't need a bar.  There will also be kids invited, so it needs to be family friendly.

Thanks for all your help, gals and pals!


Re: Salina KS Reception Venues...

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    Well, with what we wanted in our wedding, hotels didn't work (in-house catering only) and the VFW was taken.  So we have decided on one of the shelters in Jerry Ivey Park.  We can have our pizza and eat it too!
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    Jerry Ivey is a popular park because of the gazebo, but I've heard many complaints, because of the wide open area, your guests will have wind noise, and also noise from the pond so your guests won't be able to hear during the ceremony. Also, I've seen where the chairs are set up in the grass on the other side of the side walk that runs beside the gazebo, and if guests are seated there, they are pretty far away.

    As a photographer, I would choose Oakdale park. I actually took photos at a small wedding in late April, and it was very pretty. There are more flowers and trees around for scenery and to block wind noise. It was a windy day, but guests could still hear what was being said during the ceremony.
  • Thanks for the heads up, JDaWn88!  I'm not too concerned about wind noise or the pond birds, because we're getting married at the Justice of the peace and then meeting everyone at the park for a day of fun and celebration.

    I'm not using the gazebo, just the shelter next to it for the seating and for food.  Also the bathroom is right next to it, which was very importent for me, because My fiance's grandmothers will be attending and I don't want them having to walk half a mile to powder their noses.

    I like Oakdale, but Jerry Ivey hit me just right.  I"m not sure why.

    Thank you for commenting!  It was a perspective I didn't think to look at!

  • Im getting married in salina in april and my reception is being held at the ramada conference center. It has an indoor pool and big slide for the kids and im pretty sure they have a game room too.
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