NWR - anyone live in/near Emporia?

I'm going to be moving to Emporia sometime around the end of May - and would like to know if anyone has any apartment/house rental suggestions? Where are the good parts of town, where are the parts of town I DON'T want to live in? I'll take any websites/phone numbers that I could look at (or call) to see about getting an apartment. I'll be visiting on March 17 and 18, and want to visit some apartments. Also going to look for a job.

Thanks in advance!

Re: NWR - anyone live in/near Emporia?

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    I lived in Emporia for 2 years while I went to college, and FI still lives there so I visit every other weekend. The north end of town is definitely the 'better' part of town in general, but the closer you get to the university, the more college students you'll get living in the apartments.

    I know a couple people living at Chapel Ridge Apartments who like it, also Four Seasons apartments I've heard are good. The Villas (right off I-35 on Merchant) are basically glorified dorms/hotel.

    FI lived in one at 810 Union St -- he paid $300 a month plus electric (apt was all electric) and that wasn't very expensive at all. The apartment is pretty nice and was a good deal for the money.

    Hope this helps! PM me if you need more details! Smile
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    I don't mind college students - thats why we're moving there - for ESU. It might be nice to have neighbors our own age - but it might also be a bad thing - we're not that into loud music or partying or stuff that most college students are associated with.

    Thanks for the info, I'll keep it in mind when we go visit in a few weeks. Might even try to find some websites.
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    I grew up in Emporia and attended college there before moving away.

    Compared to places in bigger cities, there really aren't any "bad" parts of town. If you are concerned, stay north of 6th Avenue. And don't forget to drive around and look at "for rent" signs. There are tons of individuals who rent out houses, and they are usually the better deal (in my experience), and may be easier to work with than an apartment complex. Boy do I miss the rental prices there!
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    I graduated from ESU and am moving closer to Wichita to get my Master's.  We are renting out our 3 bedroom home (1400 square feet) for $600 mo. plus utilites.  It has a big back yard, a shop, and a shed included.  It is North of 6th street, which is the better way to go.  We are about maybe 8 blocks from the college.  If you are interested, please email me at [email protected]

    I have a guy interested but he was needing a roommate.  If that's the case, it would be $300/mo plus half the utilites.

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    actually, I just rented on on Congress st.  Thanks though.  I'm moving there in 2 weeks.
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