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does anyone know how to CHANGE THE DATE on theknot.com?  i accidentally entered the wrong date - and now my "to do" list & everything is off schedule.  suggestions anyone?  thanks!

Re: Change the wedding date

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    Top right of the page, click on the "My Account" link. The date is somewhere under your names and email and stuff.
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    yeah i found the "my account" option - but the date isn't under there.  anyone have any other suggestions?  thanks anyway, caterpillar85!

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    Are you sure? I see it on mine! It's the last line under "you and yours" right above "where you live" if you don't see it there then maybe contact the website admin cause something isn't right!
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    wow - no, mine does NOT have the date right above "where you live"!  thanks for telling me exactly where it should be - i thought i was going crazy because i just couldn't find it anywhere!  i'll contact the website & see what's going on with my page.  thanks again for all of your help.  :)

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    I also don't have a field on my profile to enter the wedding date. Now, I can't find a contact for the website to aks them for assistance! Ugh! Right now it looks like I am behind 172 items on my checklist and it is not good for my morale!
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    I was having the same problem!  I finally went into my account under "The Nest" and found a box to change the wedding date there.  It seems to have worked.  good luck!
  • The only way I could get it to show up under My Account is to say I am the bride (which I am not) but it gets it done.  Frown
  • I was just ready to delete everything! just spent the past half hour if not longer trying to figure this out ... thank you caterpillar85!!!!!!!
  • I was about to remove my account too, I was frustraded of not being able to find the option to change my wedding date. I tried the option of going to The Nest >  My Account. Finally I was able to change my date!!. Thanks for that solution Lauren, I wouldn't imagine that!! Hope this help others.
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