Loft event space Wichita

Does anyone know of a "loft"-type event space with an urban feel? I'm looking for something similar to the Berg Event Space (http://www.bergeventspace.com/) in KC, but it must be in Wichita.

Re: Loft event space Wichita

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    There's Abode Venue, but they're $3300 just for the space and they make you use them for alcohol which costs a minimum of $14 per guest so that can get really expensive.  There's the Boathouse as well, $2500 for the day and sorta lofty looking.   I also wanted something lofty/unique and I'm using NakedCity Art Gallery downtown.  $1000 for the whole day and you can pretty much do whatever you want.    www.nakedcitygallery.com good luck!

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    There is always the Loft 150 in Oldtown. It's the upstairs of the restaurant River City Brewery. Not sure how many people you have, but it's pretty cool up there.
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