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My FI and I are looking for a venue in the Kansas City, KS area. We need an affordable place that can hold around 350 guests and have the option of an outdoor ceremony. Any suggestions?
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Re: venue ideas

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    you could try Powell Gardens; not sure of their capacity though... good luck!
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    Just FYI, you should post this on the Missouri-Kansas City board.  You may get a lot more advice over there.  I am getting married in Kansas City.  Are you looking specifically in KCK??

    There is a place in Bonner Springs that I think is pretty affordable.  I never looked at it, but I think it holds that amount of people.  I think it is Eagle Ranch Banquet Hall.  I'm not sure how many this other place holds, but you could check out the Painted HIlls Golf Course.  It is on Parallel I think, and there is always the George Meysner (Sp?) Hall, which is at Wyandotte County park at 126th and State Ave.  Good Luck!  If you need any more help, look me up on the KC Board.
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