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So I need help... Here is the situation.  The one thing I was stressed most about was my hair, I am very particular and very picky about how it looks.  So my wedding planner set me up a hair trial with a woman she has used a lot and highly recommends.  I loved the girl and what she did with my hair and makeup.  The trial was on saturday, and on monday there was communication that I loved it and finalizing of pricing.  Tuesday night my mom called her to put a deposit down and left her a message.  Wednesday she booked someone else even though my mom and wedding planner were both trying to call her to put the deposit down.  She has a long standing business relationship with my planner and should have honored that and not booked this other person knowing we planning on booking her that day.  Well here is were the decision comes in, everyone was really mad at her and wanted her to call and cancel with the other girl.  She said she wouldn't but did call her and see if she would do it earlier so she could do me that day too.  Now I have to decide if I even want to use her after all this.  I was very confident about her before and very excited for her to do my hair and makeup.  But now I'm not sure what to do.  Do I try someone else and hope they do as good a job, or go with someone I liked, but I am very upset with, and hope I can let it go and not affect my special day.  I also feel like she doesn't even want to do my hair, so will she do a good job?  Help has anyone had something like this happen, or any advice?

Re: Hair crisis

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    Go with your gut.  Do you want her to do your hair, knowing what your trial looked like but also knowing she double-booked? (which isn't THAT uncommon...she does have other customers as well.)  Or start over and find a new stylist... this one's all on you. 
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