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    I wore glasses for my wedding. I've had glasses since my freshman year of high school, and they have become part of who I am. I was just as happy with my glasses on.
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    I don't see a problem with it. If you have worn them for the last couple years, your guests won't even notice. They might even think you look "funny" without them! I say wear them.

    If you still are a little hesitant, I suggest taking some photos of you in your dress and your hair basically how you'll have it (don't actually style it, but if you are having an updo then put it back) And put on your veil if you are having one. Look at the photos with your BMs or close friends and see which way you like it.
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    I wear glasses, and I was going to wear them for my wedding.  I'm not sure what I can say that you probably haven't heard already, but here goes...

    You are beautiful.  I have not met you or seen you, but I know you are.  You are a human being that breathes and feels, and loves and can be sad.  Your glasses just help you see.  They don't make you who you are.  You make them who you are.  If you have a pair of specs that you think look out dated or maybe ugly, then pick a pair that you think is pretty, even if that means they're zebra themed!  If you like them, people will like them, because they will know that you chose them and they didn't choose you.  Find a style that works for you.  If you like round shapes, then pick out a pair that are round.  Like oval shapes?  Guess what?  Pick out some oval shaped glasses.  Also find a pair with the color you like.  I like purple, but it is hard to find purple frames, so I chose black, my next favorite color.  

    I hope you wear glasses to your wedding, because you shouldn't be ashamed, or fear what you look like.  If you really care about people see, think about who you trust the most?  Ask them what do they think.  I hope they tell you the same thing.  I found this site, I hope it inspires you!

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