Live band for reception?

It's been a challenge finding reviews for local live bands to play at our reception. Can anyone recommend a particular band, share your live band experience, or give your two cents about researching and selecting a live band? I would really appreciate it. Our wedding is next summer and I am a little overwhelmed with planning the music. It's definitely a priority for me. Thanks in advance for your responses!

Re: Live band for reception?

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    I'm having the same issue, but we haven't even picked a date yet... but trying to get an idea of the band we want to make sure they will fit in our venue! I did email this production company [email protected] and they suggested some from there website. There are some samples to listen to! http://adamblueproductions.com/

    We are thinking next fall, let me know if you have any luck!

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    We are using the Mikey Needleman band. They played at a best friend's wedding this July and are playing another friends wedding in March before mine in June. They are awesome and inexpensivre!! Most bands I looked at were at least $2000 but they were only $1350 - and the wedding inJuly was THE best wedding I've been to mostly due to the awesome dance!
  • I didn't want to have a live band play the entire time, but I did want live music. My fiance and I found a great dj who also has an amazing voice and plays the guitar. He is performing our ceremony and at the reception. He plays as many live songs as you want and if you are like me and want some music that can't be played live, he can dj as much as you want as well. His name is Richard and his company is All Ears Mobile DJ, if you are interested and you want to check him out.
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