Venue Ideas for "Open House" Reception in Topeka

My fiance and I are planning a small wedding back in New England and want to host a casual "open house" reception for our Kansas peeps. 
I am looking for suggestions and ideas on where to hold this.  Not sure of the # of people but guessing around 100-150.  Since it's an open house, I imagine they will be staggered, wandering in and out during the 3-4 hour period we plan to host.  Can anyone suggest a facility that is inexpensive (i.e. around $200 or so to rent for the time period and that allows your own catering and alcohol to be brought in) in Topeka???  Everywhere I've looked is out of our budget not to mention this is not really a reception in the strictest sense, just a party.  In a pinch we are looking at community centers, but you have to rent during their open hours and they don't allow alcohol on the premises.  Not that this is a huge issue, but it would be nice to offer our guests something other than soda.
Thanks as always for your help!!!

Re: Venue Ideas for "Open House" Reception in Topeka

  • Topeka joined with Shawnee County Parks and recreation. They allow alcohol in the shelter houses that are closed in. You might look into that.
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