Which wedding date????

My fiance and I picked are wedding date primarily because it was when we had our first date and later on when he proposed. We thought it would be romantic to have it on this day, but I have always dreamed of a fall wedding. I just don't know what to do. He's still in college so if we got married in the fall, our honeymoon wouldn't last very long. I'm just so confused. Any suggestions out there?
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Re: Which wedding date????

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    This is one that you and your FI can only decide on.  Go with what works for both of you.
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    Well, we have both discussed it and even he isn't sure what to do! Ofcourse, I am sure the day isn't as important to him as just saying I do. For me, though, the season we have it in dictates what I want for the color scheme/decor.
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    Talk to your family too!  You want to make sure the most important people will be there so keep all things considered.
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