The White Dress - Wichita

I just wanted to pass along this jewel I found.  There is a new bridal store in west Wichita.  My mom and I wandered in there this past week just to see what they had and we were VERY IMPRESSED!  Their bridal gowns were SO much nicer than anything we had seen in the other stores.  We thought we were going to have to go to Kansas City to find something nice, but not anymore!  Their shop was very stunning and the ladies were very nice.

I recommend checking it out.  They are in west Wichita in New Market Square.

Happy Planning!

Re: The White Dress - Wichita

  • missliz7missliz7 member
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    Was there any reasonably priced dresses there? My budget for a dress is a lot lower than most.
  • whittier06whittier06 member
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    I love that store, and they have amazing dresses, but unfortunatley they have very few dresses that I could even try on being a size 16. =/ They wouldn't even go over my giant butt. She did tell me that in a month or two they will have a better variety of bigger dresses. Great place though!!

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    Great dresses and staff, but much pricier than most other bridal botiques...
  • Jasmine2011Jasmine2011 member
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    They do have some very pretty dresses with styles that you don't find in other boutiques. I actually found their prices to be rather reasonable. I didn't wind up purchasing from them but they were 1 of my top 2 bridal boutiques. 
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