I have the dress, but need help with Alteration and steaming???

I bought my dress at an out of state salon.
The dress was shipped to me so it is in desperate need of steaming/ironing..or whatever to make it smooth. 
I will also need it altered.
Are there any recommendable seamstresses that will do the alterations and the steaming in the KC metro area?  Preferrably on the KS side.

Most I have called said I need to take care of taking the dress to a dry cleaners on my own.  That scares me, my sister's dress was ruined post wedding by a cleaners...and I don't want to have to deal with dragging my dress to different places.

Re: I have the dress, but need help with Alteration and steaming???

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    Hmm, did you call the alterations department at Nordstroms in Oak Park Mall?  I know a lot of girls have had their wedding gown alterations done there, and they might be able to steam/power-iron/whatever it is they do to wedding dresses to get major wrinkles out.  That's all I can think of, I'm afraid.  Good luck! 

    PS: If that doesn't work out, try posting this on the Missouri-Kansas City board, and see what those ladies have to suggest. 
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    I called them, and I am not sure what the ladies who went there had done.  They told me that they do not do wedding gown alterations on dresses not purchased from them.
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    I used Nordstrom's for my wedding gown alterations and did not purchase my dress there. I say take your dress in and talk with them.  I paid 150 for the hem to be taken in, the dress to be taken in an inch on each side, the bustle, cups made smaller and straps shortened.  Please keep in mind my dress was very simple, no lace or beading. 

    As far as cleaning goes I used Swyden Cleaners off 127th and  Metcalf and they did a great job!

    good luck!
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    Interesting.  I must have talked to the wrong person at Nordstroms!  :)
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    I would take your dress in and go to the dress department on the 2nd floor.  You only want to work with Lana in alterations, she is by far the best there.  It's much harder to say no to a bride in person with her dress in the store.... if that doesn't work start with the water works.. good luck!
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    wonderful wonderful seamstress!
    Kathy's Alterations 701 West 9th St # D, Lawrence, KS 66044 (785) 865-2824 ()
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