The Pros?

Has anyone used The Pros for DJ or Photography services in the KC/MO area? I found them and while their site is laid out a little weird - I liked most of what I saw. Some great photos... can't really tell too much regarding the DJ service though.

The pricing is definitely good - but it does look like they would be the kind of company to nickle and dime you - which for the low starting price I can kind of understand. I found some super positive reviews - but then I also found some absolutely HORRIBLE reviews. Thing is - none of the reviews I can find are for this area. I don't want to judge their KC/MO people based on reviews from CA, NY, etc. And since some have been great - I believe it varies quite a bit based on location and the person you book.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. If I can't find any reviews for this area - I'm thinking it'd be best to side with caution and not risk it...
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