baldwin city (baker uni)

Hi! my name is Iris.
 Our ceremony location is the chapel in baker univeristy.

I need to decide place for the reception. It is going to be a small wedding (50~70 ppl)

But the city is pretty small, so hard to find the perfect place.

I'm trying to find the one in baldwin , if that is impossible I guess my second option will be the lawrence area.

Please, help me if anyone knows small pretty place for the reception!
(out door, in door!)


Re: baldwin city (baker uni)

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    You should check out Stony Point Hall.  It is just outside of Baldwin City.  I don't know what the website is, but I know if you google it then you can find it.  Good Luck!
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    My mother knows the owner of Stoney Point Hall, and the place is wonderful. Its out away from the city and the fields are beautiful. However, for your small wedding the the hall holds close to 300 people. Plus the price is something you want to consider.
    www.stoneypointhall.com. Ask for Lucretia. Good Luck and happy planning!
  • KittyW11KittyW11 member
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    There is NO WAY Stoney Point Hall holds 300 people!! I feel like that would be extremely crowded, and absolutely no room for dancing.... :( I was recently there for an event (not wedding) but was sorta scoping it out for a reception. It felt really intimate to me, but I heard they book very quickly and aren't cheap, so if you want it, you shouldn't wait! It IS definitely beautiful. I drive by all the time and I adore it.

    You might also check with Baker, or even local parishes, to see where they would recommend. I know that the Catholic church has a hall available that is a part of the church, and so possibly Baker or other churches in the area would have something you liked.
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