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I am usually not a complainer, but I have had such a bad experience with this shop that I wanted to warn other brides!

I cannot stress enough how horrible this place is. If you are a bride, please do not put yourself through the stress of dealing with this store. I did not get my dress here, but I took my four bridesmaids in to get theirs. The girls were not measured, they just had them try on random dresses until one fit and then ordered that size in the dress we wanted. That just does not work since dresses are often cut and sized differently.

1 - One of my bridesmaids was very newly pregnant and will be 6 mos. pregnant at the time of my wedding. They said one size bigger would be sufficient and they would alter it to fit. When the dress came in it was way too tight, even after every last inch had been taken it. We ended up having to pay well over $100 in alterations and buying additional fabric for her dress. Natalie M. said we could order another but would have to pay an additional $180 to have it rushed so we'd get it in time.

2 - One of the other girls tried on her dress and it was two sizes too small. Again, she had to pay a lot of money to buy fabric and put into the dress.

When I called the store to talk to the manager about this, she got angry, shouted at me and accused me of lying. She claimed that her store had never had a complaint and she would not let me speak. When I called back the next day, the employee I spoke to wasn't as rude, but she put me on hold several times, more or less said my bridesmaids were too fat and still would not really listen to my complaint.

I am just outraged at the lack of professionalism and the rudeness of these people. We trusted their employees on ordering the correct sizes and even though they were wrong, we're paying for it. Please seek another shop for getting your gowns!

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    I wanted to share my experience with Natalie M's. I actually purchased my wedding gown from Natalie M's and didn't have a problem at all. No one was rude to me, although you could tell that some of the employees were more knowledgeable and just enjoyed it more than others. I went on three different occasions to try on dresses before I purchased. I was disappointed that on the day I went to buy my dress I didn't have the excited, kind, older woman that had helped me before but rafter someone that was certainly less excited to be there. Having said that, they weren't rude or anything. My friend had us order our bride's maid's dresses from Natalie M's (I was her MOH) and mine had a defect on the bottom of the bow. The bow was going to be altered so it didn't matter in the end, but they assured me that if there was an issue they would pay to have a new bow brought in. My complaint is that they pride themselves that they DO NOT have an alterations department (I have heard horror stories were bridal salons sell the wrong size on purpose to make more money) but when my friend called to get the information about the tailor they "recommend" she was told that since she didn't buy her bridal gown there (even though we purchased 3 bridesmaids dresses) then she would be put on the bottom of the priority list. I did feel this is a representation and even though I DID get my bridal gown there I opted NOT to use the tailor they recommend. As with any salon when I went on a weekday afternoon I got much more attention than when we were there on weekend. And none of us were measured, not even for my bridal gown. They gave a reason, but I can't remember it now. Having said that, all the bridesmaid dresses fit fine and my wedding gown fit as well.

    Sorry you had such a rotten experience. Best of luck in getting things taken care of. If someone said that there was only a one size different when you go from "new baby bump" to "6 month bump" has never met an expecting mom! Or maybe my family just get big bumps, but that would have set off a red flag right there! It's a gamble finding dresses for expecting moms, but it seem common sense to order bigger, rather than smaller.
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