Salina, KS reception site needed!

Hello everyone!
We are in quite a situation! 
We want a nice formal location for our reception in Salina, ks.
We checked out a few places, we kind-of liked the quality inn& suites (i htink that's what it's called) right off Crawford.  But we're not wild about using their catering.  We also liked the spaciousness of the Masonic Lodge, loved the auditorium, but they won't let us have food and we simply aren't going to split everythign up. 
We liked the look of the country club, but not the price.
Any ideas would be helpful. we're looking at around 160 guests in february '11.  Thanks!!

Re: Salina, KS reception site needed!

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    Have you tried any of the old theatres and opera houses? Also, you're not that for from Junction City and Manhattan. There are a couple of nice venues in JC that the officers use for balls. I found my venue by going on local photographers websites and seeing where other peolpe had their weddings. We're from Manhattan and decided to have ours in Topeka. I think anything within an hours drive is usually ok for guests.
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    that is SOOO weird that the masonic temple wouldnt let you have food there! i've been there for a dinner/dance for a frat event and we had food in one room and then the dance was in the main hall

    have you tried the smoky hill winery? i'm not sure what type of facility they have but i know they do wine tastings and parties out there.... if it were pretty enough that could be super romantic (plus maybe a good deal on wine??)

    my sisters prom was in one of the big buildings of the zoo and it was really nice!

    my sisters reception for her wedding was in the old holiday inn (on crawford) it was ok but nothing special by far and their food SUCKED!

    my friend used the VFW recently and personally i thought it was pretty bad, just not a good location!
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    I just looked up the winery's website and they do facility rental for events. they pictures look pretty nice. heres the link good luck


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