Help please

I got my dresses, both are in really good condition but they're used, one has a piece of fabric that I'd like tacked up, and both need a crinoline or something but I don't know what type of crinoline or hoop skirt or what, I also want to replace sequins on one of the dresses with rhinestones (sequins always look cheap and tacky to me). So does anyone know of anywhere I could go that would help me figure out what type of crinoline to use to get the best out of my dresses, could do alterations as far as the details and size (the hips and bust on one of them don't fit me real well). Preferrably in the Wichita area? And it doesn't have to be an all-in-one sort of shop, but I would like to only have to make one stop to figure all this out.

Or I could post pictures of my dresses if anyone could help me with the crinoline thing.

I have two dresses since all my family lives in Kansas and all his in Georgia, that's about 30 hours of driving between the two areas and the majority of both our families wouldn't have the funds to travel.
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