Buyers Remorse

As I'm looking at other dresses I'm having a case of buyers remorse pluse I've gained weight. I bought a Galina Signature dress from Davids Bridal, Its a size 4 in white. I'm considering selling it for $700, far less than what I paid but still enough back that I could find a new gown. Its style number SWG339, if your interested let me know!

My alterations girl wants 125 for hem, bustle, and corset back, just fyi very inexpensive!!

Re: Buyers Remorse

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    I would suggest you post this on the wedding classifieds board, too so more brides will see it. GL!!
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    I'm very interested in the SWG339 dress! It's gorgeous (I've been ogling at it all day)!! Does size 4 fit you perfectly? If you do not mind, could you let me know your height and vital stats please? Thanks!!! :)

    P/S: what dress did you go for anyway?
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    The size 4 is actually almost too small for me.. I've gained weight! I'm more like a size 6 now plus the dress is too long for me. I'm 5'5" it would do well for a girl 5'7" or so.  The dress is actuallly at the alterations department right now but I havent made any changes yet. A 3 point bustle, hem, and lace up back is $125. 

    I havent found a new dress yet and my wedding is in 3 months. I really need to sell it so I can start looking or I'll be walking down the aisle in a dress I'm not crazy about. Everyone loves it but me
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