Hotel after ceremony? Need help!! KCK or Olathe

Hi All,

We are getting married on a Tuesday (It's his grandparents wedding anniversary) but we aren't leaving for our honeymoon until Thursday. I'd love to find a hotel, preferably one with a suite/whirlpool tub to stay in the night after the ceremony. I don't really want to come home to the dog, cat, and rats (yes, we have pet rats! LOL) but since we have a "real" honeymoon a few days later we want to stay on a budget. And it has to be a smoking room or have a balcony or patio that he can smoke on. We were very excited to stay at the Chateau Avalon and then found out that they are all non-smoking rooms. Frown I'm hoping to find a deal since it's a weekday. Please any suggestions would be much appreciated! We would like to either be around the Legends area in Kansas City, Shawnee, or Olathe.

Thank you so much!

Re: Hotel after ceremony? Need help!! KCK or Olathe

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    not sure if this would be too far away, but we always like to stay at Ameristar.  Plus if you mention you just got married they may upgrade you complimentary; they have for us before on our anniversary.  Their rooms are always nice and clean and the suite has a whirlpool in it.  Also they have a really good italian restaurant there.  good luck!
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    Thanks for the reply! We hadn't really planned to go that far, but the rooms look lovely!! When did you find out they upgraded you? If we could get a upgrade that would be amazing and worth the travel. I'm guessing it's the luck of the draw **haha pun intended** and if they have one open then they upgrade you, but you probably don't know that until check in. I'm not a hotel expert so I'm not sure. If anyone has info on how that works, it would be much appreciated.  Smile

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    when I called and made the reservation I told them it was our anniversary and that if they had any comp upgrades it would be really appreciated.  When we checked in I told them the same thing.  She goes :I'll have to go check with my manager.  It was then that I stated I know we weren't big spenders there but that we were college students and this was the big thing we did every year.  she then went ahead and upgraded us.  so yeah you prob wouldn't know until check in.  If you check rates though I don't think they are more than 200 a night.  and i'm sure when you mention it's for your wedding night they would most likely be more accomodating.  good luck and you'll have to keep me updated :)
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    u wont find a smoking room bc of the new no smoking law
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