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Eloping on Wednesday!

Hey, everyone. I wanted to give a little update. Due to my parents living in Illinois and me still being under 24 years old and not married, I'm considered a dependent on my mom's income for the FAFSA. As she makes too much money for the cutoff point and isn't helping with school, it leaves me to rely on student loans. However, I've taken too much money out in the past to go to massage school and Black Hawk College won't let me borrow any more money as a freshman. At first I didn't want to think of this as an option because it will mean I can no longer be on my mom's medical insurance. However, if I'm not a full-time student, I lose her insurance anyway. So... FI and I decided "the hell with it" and decided to elope this coming Wednesday- the 29th. We already got our paperwork and our certificate will be in effect tomorrow.I've posted in the past about my issues with planning a wedding due to religious differences in my family and how I was ready to elope. I guess me being denied financial aid for school just pushed us into eloping. At first I was really scared about whether I was making the right decision until I saw my new name on the paperwork- and then I became as giddy as a schoolgirl! It's amazing, but all of my stress has disappeared since we decided to elope and we've become closer in the past few days than we were planning a big wedding. It's finally become about US instead of what kind of cake, flowers, food, etc... will make my family happy at the wedding. I can't wait until Wednesday!

Re: Eloping on Wednesday!

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    Good luck! I have definitely thought about eloping to avoid all those details. I hope it was wonderful!
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