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Looking for any and all suggestions on a DJ, Photographer and Bakery for the Cake. We have a couple in mind for each but it's been probably 6 or 7 years since I've been to a wedding in the QC area so I will take all suggestions I can get!!!

Thanks in Advance!!!

Re: DJ / Photographer / Cake

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    My DJ came from Dubuque since we had our reception in Maquoketa, but we used Scorpio Productions.

    Cakes you can check out:
    Joanne Cunningham from Eldridge, IA (Cunningham Confectionery)

    Perian Webb with Sweet Perfections. She's out of Davenport.

    Heller Cakes.

    Springbrook Country Dining (Barb Mussmann)
    100 East Main, Springbrook, IA 52075
    (563) 872-4678

    Our photographer also came from Dubuque, it was Nicole Koester, she is moving this year however so I dont know how many weddings she will be taking.
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    Oh I forgot I found this one too for cakes:

    And this is the number I have on file for Perian 563-324-5891.
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    A few suggestions for catering:
    • Heart of America caters from any of its locations- Iowa Machine Shed, Johnny's Italian Steakhouse, or Thunder Bay Grille. 
    • Hy-Vee & Bridges Catering are very affordable and do a great job at most locations. Depending on your preferences & location, I'd probably recommend one over the other.
    A few suggestions for cake:
    • Al Nitz is an excellent pastry chef and makes the best cakes anyone in my family or friends has ever tasted.  I'd highly recommend him.  His phone number is 309-236-3901.
    • Olde Towne Bakery in Moline also does an excellent job! 309-764-8421
    Photographers are tough because there are so many options and they range in price from $900-3,000 or more in the Quad Cities.  I'm working with a fairly new but very talented photographer, Kelsey Zwicker.  You can view her work on Facebook or at  
    Another one that does an amazing job is Jesse Inskeep.  You can see his work at
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    Oops just realized you asked for DJ recommendations not catering! :)

    We're using Black Tie Entertainment.  He is awesome to work with and provides you with a website for planning & song brainstorming. You can check out for more information! 
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    I usually JoAnn Cunningham for our cakes; they were delicious and the pricing was good.  However, she is a bit spacey on communications; just to warn you.  If I were to plan a wedding again, I think I would use Heller.

    We used Creative Wedding Project for our photography, Todd Boerema was awesome!

    For DJ we used DJ Rexroat and they did a great job!

    I have reviews of all my vendors under my Ms Bio if you're interested

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    Thank you all so much!! We actually booked with another photographer over 6 months ago so i thought that was all done and taken care of, until i saw the engagement pictures he took, and then it was back to the drawing board on photographers and i've been more then freaking out because now the wedding is only 6 months away and that is hard to book a photographer at that point, all the good ones are taken!!!
    We've been looking over Sas DJ and Master DJ and trying to deicde between them, has anyone used either? I am impressed with Black tie though now too!!!
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    Personally, I like Master DJ over Sas.  We're also using Master DJ as our photobooth vendor and he is over-the-top in customer service.  I constantly receive emails and newsletters from them with tips for the wedding. Its a tough call between Master DJ & Black Tie. Good luck! 
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    Im leaning towards Master DJ, they seem alot more professional and seem to know what there doing. Sas it seems like they don't care before your wedding or after your wedding, they just want to show up and play music that night. Which i guess when it comes down to it, is what they are being booked for, but i just feel alot more confident in Master DJ but there is also a huge price difference!
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    I'm not sure if this is too late or you already booked someone, but I recommend Laurie Heller for cakes.  She did our wedding cake and it was amazing.  We also had her do our daughter's first birthday cake the next year.

    I can post pics if you want.  I think someone posted her website above.

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    Email me for a link to my work!    I think that you will like my style.=-) Good luck either way!
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    I already booked my photographer, we went with Giraffe because my fiance knew Steven's younger brother in high school. This was the only thing my fiance requested, so I booked with Steven before checking other places. It was a bit more than I hoped to pay for a photographer, but after reading this thread, I am feeling much better about the decision! It sounds like they are worth the extra money and I love reading about all the happy customers!! I can't wait to have them capture our big day! :)

    For DJ's, I'm leaning towards Anytime DJ. They seem to be extremely affordable in comparison with places such as Master DJ. Master DJ's cheapest package is $1,295 for 5 hours!!!!! NO THANK YOU! Anytime has one package $450 for 5 hours. If you want more than that it's $50 per hour. Cheap and easy, and they just did my cousin's wedding and it was fabulous!!! :) I'll probably check a few more places, but it seems to me they are the best bet! :)

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