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Hair-Stylists in Quad Cities

I'm trying to decide what I am going to do for hair and make-up.  I've seen other posts with suggestions, but I want to ask your opinions.

I want to pay for the girls' hair and makeup.  I have a friend that does make-up so I'll probably just ask her to help out, but may need back-up! As far as hair, I'd like to either have the stylists come to my house or go somewhere where we can be semi-private, have a glass of champagne, and is pretty inexpensive. I'm trying to budget $20-30 per girl. Any suggestions?
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Re: Hair-Stylists in Quad Cities

  • To have stylists go to your house, you are probably looking at $60-$80 per girl just for hair.  I've done the research on that one myself and those were the costs that were given to me.  I believe Studio Serene may have a Wedding Package and I want to say it includes mimosas!

  • I think it's really nice to be able to all be together when you're getting ready (instead of all just going on the main floor of the salon). Since it sounds like you'll be having one vendor to makeup and another do hair, I'd probably have them come to your house.  That way you can all be together and some can have makeup done while others have hair done and it will take less time overall.
  • Thanks ladies! I'm just going to plan to be at my house and ask a few friends with some experience in hair or makeup to help us out.
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  • I get my hair done at Salon Luce, I dont know what they would charge.
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