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I am looking for the most inexpensive places to have a wedding and reception in the QC area, I am on a budget and need to do this for as little as possible. Fiance was laid off for 3 mnths and we couldnt coem up with the $1000 that was needed in time for the place we had reseved so im at square one again on getting this donesince the wedding is in 8mnths,Undecided I feel as tho i have nothing accomplished, Any help or ideas would be very welcomed.

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  • How many people are you expecting and what is the price range you are thinking in terms of the rental cost of the venue.

    I am having my wedding at the Watchtower Lodge over in Blackhawk State Park. It is a gorgeous location (all wood, vaulted ceiling, balcony, fireplaces, etc.). You can hold your ceremony there as well either indoors or outdoors. They charge $700 plus a $150 dollar refundable deposit. The nice part is they only require $300 to lock in your date, the next $300 at the six month mark and the last $100 plus the $150 deposit at the three month mark.

    The other nice thing about them is they allow you to choose your own caterer (or even bring in your own food) and you can bring in your own beverages (if you want alcohol you have to purchase an insurance policy for $150 but you will probably save at least that much by being able to buy your own alcohol as opposed to going through a bartending service).
  • I believe the lodge may be booked for Saturdays in 2013 but they may have had an opening since I talked to them in July. Parks are a great idea if you are on a budget. really depends on how many guests you are expecting. Let us know and I'm sure you will be able to think of something great!
  • How much are you looking to spend?
  • The Veteran's Memorial Park in Bettendorf has a beautiful shelter that is used in many concerts, shows, etc. It can be rented for very cheap. Less than $50. Look into it. And, then have your reception at a restaurant or something along those lines. :) Good luck!

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  • i am expecting about 150 people, kind of want to stay under$1000 including food, we have anapt to veiw duck creek lodge but i dont think that will be bing enough spec if we want to dance, im in love with the lilac garden tho so i am def going with that,always wanted to use the gazebo. any other suggestions?
  • Under $1000 might be tough.  There aren't many rooms you can rent for less then $400 or $500, and even if you get one of those that leaves you with a food budget of $3 or $4 a person, and maybe you can do an appetizers or a dessert recpetion for that but I'm not sure you could do an actual meal. 

    Duck Creek I believe does rent for less but 150 is pretty tight, you could always move tables after dinner to make a dance floor maybe. 

    Have you looked at Steeplegate Inn, Home Ridge Inn and Suites, Milan Community Center, Eldridge Community Center, Tanglewood Hills Evergreen Room, the Rock or Northgate Place.

    Good luck!
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  • I'll add that we used Catering by Sue in Donahue for our wedding 4 years ago.  It was very affordable and she has options for ANY budget.  Definitely worth giving her a call for more info.
  • Unless you are going to do desserts only I think you are going to have a really hard time being able to rent a venue and feed 150 people for less than $1,000. The most reasonably priced caterer I have heard of is Springbrook Catering (they are located outside of Maquoketa but offer catering locally). I have heard of her being as low as $6-7 a person but even that cheap it would be pretty difficult to do 150 people at the price you are looking at and pay for a venue.

    Are you a member of a church? You may be able to reserve a community room in a church for little to no cost (but most churches don't allow alcohol). You could also try some community halls/lodges, they may be cheaper to rent as well. Otherwise, do you know anyone with a barn that you could use, the barn/rustic themed weddings are really popular right now.

    Duck Creek Lodge may be a good option if you were to decide to do desserts only or just finger foods. In that case you could setup just a few tables for people to sit at while they are not mingling or dancing. They charge $250 to rent the venue and there is a $250 refundable deposit. Also, if it is nice outside you can even have your guests mingle outside as well.

    There is an indoor lodge at Scott County Park, but I know they have rules regarding alcohol and music that you would need to check on.
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