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Boudoir photography

Has anyone done this? Looking for a photographer close by any suggestions would be much appreciated Thanks!!

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  • I am looking for someone as well but in the Cedar Rapids / Iowa City Area - have you checked with your wedding photog?  I think some photogs will do it but may not do a lot of advertising of it.  Check Tiffanie Weaver, Wiz of Oz, Best Days, and I believe Amy Heaton offers pin up sessions.  Good luck finding someone!
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  • Lindsay Herbst, Lindsay Herbst Photography also does it in the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City area! She's great.
  • Ya I live about an hour away from Iowa City. Thanks for the names!! Were doing a destination wedding so don't have a photographer here.
  • Thank you hope5377!  I will check her out!
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    No bridesmaids, just my flower girl

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    Klicks photography in Cedar Rapids does this as one of their specialties and sometimes there are deals on Groupon for the sitting fee. I had this done there and it was so much fun and the pictures were fantastic. 
  • Joy of Photography in Dubuque does them as well and offers several package options-calendar, nice book, REALLY nice book
  • Nicole Koester of Orange Anchor Photography in Dubuque also does these.
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    I have a friend that's used Alex Haugen before, I was planning on contacting her re: boudoir & bridal portraits.  Sometimes she teams up with local MUA & stylists to do discounted sessions where you pick a time slot and they go all day.  I think those are usually held at the Hotel Blackhawk and they do them a few times a year.
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  • Boudoir photography is a GREAT gift for your husband-to-be.  When you go, ask your photographer if they do specific bridal boudoir sessions and albums (if that's what you want).  Bring a vareity of outfits and ideas - perhaps something of his (a jersey, a work shirt), a few cute underwear sets, and maybe something a little more daring or fun.  You can get a lot of variety with accessories, too - maybe several long strands of pearls, or a mask.  And of course heels - they make your legs look much longer, and it's not like you have to walk in them, right?

    And it's not just for him - you'll feel so sexy when you see your images!
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