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Tipping Classy Transportation

They have a service charge... is this a tip? 

We are paying them aboutu $800 to use a limo for 2 ten minute drives with a 2 hour wait in between. Then a fancy car to pick us up at the reception and take us less than 10 minutes away. It's hard to think of paying them MORE, but I don't want to be tacky of course.

I've also heard the general rule, as far as other vendors go, is that you don't have to tip them if they own their own business which would mean we wouldn't tip our photog, dj, or day of coordinator. Have you actually followed this rule or do you give them 20% or something smaller? We are thinking something smaller but I want to get a concensus. Thanks!

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    Personally, I'd rent a town car and have a good friend drive, it would be WAY less than 800 for less than 4 hours work.  While I personally wouldnt tip a limo driver, I would only tip a caterer or dj for excellent service.  I would try shopping around if you have the time, other than that I would have  a normal of 15% with you, and if he really did deserve it, then give it to him.
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