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Horse Drawn Carriage Co. for Hire in Dubuque and Quad cities

Black Horse Carriage is proud to offer huge discount to a limited number of Brides. We need pictures for our new Website, so we are willig to offer a discounted rate in excange for the use of the wedding images on our new Web site. So if you've ever dreamed of arriving/leaving the church in a romantic horse drawn carriage pulled by a beautiful Coal Black Draft Horse, Please e-mail your date and location of the wedding ceremony/reception venue and I'll prvide a quote for our services.

Re: Horse Drawn Carriage Co. for Hire in Dubuque and Quad cities

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    My son will be married on June 2, 2012 at Lincoln park in Rock Island, IL.  The area they have picked out for their ceremony is in the lower part of the park.  Parking, however, is at the upper part of the park.  What I would like to know if our guests (30 or less) could possibly be given a ride in the horse drawn carriage from the parking area at the upper area to the lower area?  It is a paved street from the parking area to the lower area that wrappes around the park about 2 city blocks.  It is a rather secluded street and traffic would be very light.  I could possilby arrange police assistance to keep car traffic out at that time.  

    I'm not sure about the time involved but would guess we wouldn't need the horse and carriage for any longer than an hour.  We are not looking for the bride and groom to be transported to their reception by the horse and carrage.    We would love to have pictures of this nature and would LOVE to have them posted on your web site.    Please let me know if this is a possibility and what the approximate cost would be. 

    Thank you,
    Sarah Young
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