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What a headache! My rant

So I booked my photographer for my wedding (October 13) last November. I decided that June would be a good time to touch base with her. So I email her and I wait a few days with no word. I look her up on Facebook and see that she's been posting on there so I let her know that I emailed her. Thankfully she responds after a few days. Im the type of person that if someone emails or texts me I respond as soon as I can, maybe Im a wierdo. But she know has basically in my eyes been ignoring me.
Ive emailed her twice, posted on her facebook wall twice and now I have texted her phone and I have not received a single reply!

It is driving me crazy. Am I wrong to be nervous about her? I don't want to go through this when I want my pictures after my wedding. I have already started looking for new a photographer.

I mean how can you ignore a text message from a client to your personal phone and still tweet about your new clothing store?

Grr! Trying not to completely freak out haha

Re: What a headache! My rant

  • Being wedding season she could be really busy, but I agree that it's still rude to ignore you. I would send a pointed email regarding questions for a timeline from her...maybe say, " I was just wondering how far in advance of the wedding you want to meet and go over the schedule for my wedding day." that will give you some indication of the way that she prepares for a wedding. If she doesn't respond to that, that would be a good indication of not so great things ahead. Tread lightly on searching for a new photographer though. Read your contract thoroughly. I know that if we were to cancel on our photographer, we would have to pay 50% of our package.
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