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Cake in SE Iowa area

Hello! I am looking for a delicious cake in SE Iowa, particularly the Burlington area (Morning Sun to be specific). I like a rich, moist cake with true buttercream frosting. I am not from the area, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! We will probably go with cupcakes on a stand with a small cake on top.


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    I am getting married in Burlington on Oct 6th and so far am pretty disapointed in the choices for cakes there, I am either going to do my own (cupcakes with an anniversary cake) or go through HyVee unless someone knows of a place down around there besides HyVee and the Bakery Haus.. There is Pam's Cakes in New London, I took Wilton classes from her years ago and she is pretty talented,. I may have to call her myself.. Good Luck!

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    I went to the bridal fair in Burlington a couple weeks ago and tried some cupcakes from Ruby's Cake Company.  They were DELICIOUS.  There was a huge crowd around their booth and I thought that their samples blew the rest of the cake companies that were there away.  If you're still looking for a cake, I'd definately recommend them.
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    Thanks! I will have to look them up
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    We are using Ruby's Cakes also... AMAZING!!!! they have layered cakes, but also sheet cake(their white chocolate mousse with raspberry filling is a specialty and deliciously addictive). I am doing a 3 layered tiered, with butter pecan, almond buttercream, and franch vanilla w/ raspberry filling. I would highly suggest a tasting, at least!!
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