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Hello all!

I love in iowa City but we are getting married in the QC. Im still looking for a photographer but am unfamiliar with any in that area. Does anyone know of any good, local photographers that arent too horribly expensive?  I would love some recommendations. Thanks!
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Re: Photographers

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    We looked into girafe as well and were really impressed but they didn't have our date available :(

    I don't know any that have lower prices to be honest
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    Ive been looking at Giraffe and I think they are amazing, unfortunately my fiance thinks there is no reason to spend so much money on pictures. Thanks for the suggestions though and hopefully when I read him what you ladies said he will come around!

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    Our opinion was that we would not cut cost corners on photography, because that is the only thing you will have after the wedding, the dress will be collecting dust in the back of the closet, the food and cake will be long gone(or on your hips lol)  but you can remember your day by looking through pictures for a billion years, and not to mention show them to future generations, etc. So photography we didn't cut corners. I also really like Wiz of Oz Photography, Kevin Walker Photography and JW Photography.

    Kevin Walker is our photographer and we are so far impressed. he seems very professional and we liked what we saw as far as his previous work. He is also our DJ, and I really like working with one person for both.

    JW is really good and the owner is probably the sweetest gal you will ever meet!! They don't have those "breath taking" type shots that wiz of oz and giraffe have, but they are on there game when it comes to prep before the wedding, knowing what you want and making sure you get it.

    Best Days photography is also good, a little less pricy, very good quality and nice and sweet!!

    we had a horrible expereince with Rick Jennisch do I wouldn't recommended him, plus his packages are way over priced, they are like 4,000

    Let me know if you need anything else!!

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    In Response to Re: Photographers:

    Here is another vote for Giraffe.  Steven and Elaine have done 2 weddings, a family shoot, and a couple of kid shoots, and everything has turned out amazing well.
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    I would recommend Bearfoot Photography by Kelli Hehlke. They are on Facebook and they also have a website. We just hired them for our wedding. We have used her in the past to take family photos and also to take photos at a fundraiser I was in charge of planning and she did an amazing job both times. Her prices are super reasonable!
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    Check out Kelsey Zwicker Photography on Facebook. She is amazing and very, very reasonable. I'd highly recommend her!
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    I ma using Teresa Ousley of WizofOz photography.  She's amazing -- so impressed with our engagement shoot and so excited for our wedding pictures in 2.5 weeks, but she is NOT cheap.  I think she's on the higher end of average but SO WORTH IT!!!
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    Todd Boerema at CWP (Creative Wedding Photography) in Bettendorf.  It's a husband and wife team and they're awesome!  I looked at Giraffe but it wasn't in my budget.  After seeing my SILs pics from CWP, I booked them that day!

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    I can email you my link!   I work with couple on budget. Remember that the photographer is the most important aspect of the wedding if you wish to have a good memory of your day!
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