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Outdoor reception locations

My fiance and I are having a destination wedding in the winter months.  We would really love to have a white tent outdoor reception a few months later in a central location.  Where his family and friends are from is about 4 hours away from my family and friends.  How do you go about finding a location for white tent reception?  We just want to be able to bring in our own food and keep it cheap and simple.  Preferably somewhere that would have a pretty location and not just a parking lot or surrounded by buildings.  Any ideas?  Thank you!!!!

Re: Outdoor reception locations

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    Have you looked at the venues listed on

    I know the Biotanical Center (in Rock Island, IL) and also TPC (in Silvis, IL), both have capacity to host a tented reception.
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    No, I haven't. 

    Wonderful...thank you!

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    You can do something at one of the parks too.. I would contact the city of Davenport.. maybe have something at Vander Veer park. It is a large park and they have a botantical center and several places that are nice for pictures.
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