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A Storybook Ending Bridal

I found the most beautiful wedding dress at A Storybook Ending in DeWitt, IA! It's great to have such a fabulous bridal store in my hometown.

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    Yes, it is getting old isn't it? 

    I think I would avoid them because who wants a dress with morning breath?  Haha.

    Hopefully someone will get back with them and tell them their media blitz on the Knot is backfiring.
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    One note...I will not be posting a review here, however, I thought I would elaborate on these posts.

    I just bought a dress from Storybook (mainly b/c they are one of only two places that is not David's Bridal in our area) I will save my review of my service for a proper posting ground though rather than using this board for my personal benefit :)

    When you buy a dress they give you a handout on how you can get a $25 gift certificate to use toward another purchase (veil, shoes, jewelry, BM dresses, etc., etc.). The handout lists at least 5-6 places where you can leave a review, you have to leave 2 reviews, print them out and show them to the store to get your gift certificate. Most of the places you can leave a review are websites intended for people to leave reviews (i.e., Yelp).

    Therefore, I would ask that future Knotties who are trying to get their $25 gift cards save their reviews for the websites that are intended for reviews rather than on this message board. The reviews left on this message board do nothing but infuriate the brides on this board and clog the board so it takes more time to find useful and helpful information.
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    My experience with Storybook Ending  Bridal is coming to a close, as my wedding day is near. I wanted to let future brides know that my experience with Storybook Endings has been very pleasant, cooperative, and organized. All the girls have been wonderful! For being a small town bridal store, they offer an amazing selection of bridal dresses, bridesmaid dresses, jewelry, shoes, and veil. This is a one-stop shop for bridal/bridesmaids wear. I have had to order several custom items for my dress such as belt, veil, and buttons; an storybook endings was very prompt as to when my items will be arriving and calling me when they reach to the store! I hope this post will help any concerns as y may have about this store, but my best advice is to stop in and take a look yourself and see what you think!!

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    seriously...when will it end? This store has found a way around no vendor posts. I don't even check this board very often any more simply because its all about A Storybook Ending! What a flipping joke.
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    I totally agree with your renjon.  This has because a post and run board for brides who want to save a buck and are not interested in supporting the online community.  I bought my dress at Storybook, but now am almost embarrassed to give them a positive review because of this nonsense.
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