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Venue ideas- Beachy or Barny in New England Areas?

Relatively new member here- engaged about a month ago, been with Fiance for 11+ years, and so far the only thing I am at all stressed about is the VENUE!

Ok, so putting it out there- looking for suggestions for a great wedding venue, located in Mass, RI, NH, CT, VT or ME (preferably a max of 3 hours from Cape Cod, but this is negotiable) for Fall of 2012.

Grew up on the cape, so CC would be convenient, but we are willing to travel for the right place. Regardless, the wedding will be "destination" for most guests at least, so we are looking for something that could ideally be doable for a weekend trip.

Looking for a place that has a great outside space, is idealy "Beachy" or "Barny", and can handle about 150 people. Any suggestions and ideas are appreciated! Thanks! :)

Re: Venue ideas- Beachy or Barny in New England Areas?

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    Beachy on Cape Cod gives you so many options!! The biggest things to consider when thinking Cape Cod is location (Upper, Mid, Lower Cape) and Budget! There are a few "Barny" options as well..but again price is a factor. I will be getting married at the SeaCrest Beach Hotel in Falmouth at the end of the month. I think it is very affordable for what you are getting. The place was completely renovated this past winter and it is gorgeous. Also, great for people to stay right there to make a weekend out of your wedding. A few other great beachy options that come to mind from my search for over 150 people: Chatham Bars Inn, Ocean Edge in Brewster, Beach Breeze Inn Falmouth, Popponessett Inn. The two "Barny" places that come to mind (my search was really only for beachy places) is the Bourne Farm in Falmouth and The Overbrook House in Buzzards Bay. If you have any other information that may help to narrow down more choices, I might be able to come up with a few more options! Good luck with all your planning. 
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    I looked at the seacrest- it is a bit modern for me.
    Overbrook is right across the street from the farm I used to work out- love it but the fee is close to 7 grand with nothing included.
    I grew up down the street from ocean edge and fiance worked there for a spell... he is not into the idea of a country club feel. And neither of us are into things that are too "froofie" or formal.
    The prob with the cape is the cost- we dont have a tiny budget, but I dont want to go nutts either. Some of the places have 25-40 grand mimimums out of the box- doesnt seem too practical. Yes I know, Im picky, but I figure I have a right to be- as we all do! LOL! I feel like there hase to be a place that meets at least MOST of our needs without being unreasonable.
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    I absolutely understand exactly where you are coming from! It's your wedding only get it once...exactly what you have pictured in your mind is what you deserve! As far as the Cape goes, I would definitely check out Bourne Farm in Falmouth and the Beach Breeze Inn in Falmouth. I'm not entirely sure on their site rental fees, but I believe the Beach Breeze Inn just wants your guests to rent all of the rooms. It is a more casual atmosphere (within very close proximity to a beach) that allows you endless opportunities to make it as formal or casual as you would like. There you would do a big tent on the front lawn. The Bourne Farm is located on a pond. They do have a "barn" where I believe most people have their ceremony or cocktail hour and then they have the reception in a tent. Again, I'm sure there are more options for that as well. Another place off Cape that comes to mind is in NH. It is in a small town near where I grew up. I have a friend who is having her wedding there this fall. It is called Curtis Farm. Here is their website: As I think of more things I will definitely let you know!
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    have you tried any of the yacht clubs maybe Wychmere(sp?) or the one in falmouth?
    Bot sure how pricey they are. 
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    [QUOTE]have you tried any of the yacht clubs maybe Wychmere(sp?) or the one in falmouth? Bot sure how pricey they are. 
    Posted by shortie4311[/QUOTE]

    Ya, Wychmere has a very large minimum (IMO) as do most of the local clubs that would be of interest to me- which is why I have been tryint to search for some more alternitive ideas...
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    You might like the Red Lion Inn in Cohasset, the inside has a barn feel. Pine Hills in Plymouth is nice; it has wooden beams to make it feel more charming but it's not quite a barn. Good luck!
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    I am getting married at the Coonamessett Farm in Falmouth this September. Beautiful venue, they provide the food if you want. Amazing chef with home grown local foods. They have a large covered paviolion that can hold about 150 people and an extra tent as well that can hold another 30 or so. Beatiful scenery and amazing place to celebrate a wedding! 
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    I have a little info from there- I am looking at a venue in western MA tomorrow, then I think next Friday will be Cape venues- I may add that to my list- though I have to look at lodgng...
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    I searched the Cape for a rustic/barn feeling venue and didn't find anything I loved.

    I did like Popponessett which is really pretty, in a quasi-tent on the beach, it isn't really rustic feeling but it is definitely more of a laid back feeling than the filly Cape Cod feeling. 

    We LOVE Red Lion Inn in Cohasset and it is a big huge beautiful barn that has a great vibe. It hasn't gotten the greatest reviews in terms of customer service, but they have a new coordinator so I'm hoping things change.

    The Pelham House allows you to bring in a tent right on their front lawn and is right on the water as well. You basically start with a blank canvas, as you have to do everything yourself.
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    Ok, so still looking- I am back to considering the Overbrook house- Have an apt to see it tomorrow. I kind of feel like I have come "full circle"... That is actually the first place that i contacted, thinking that it would be perfect due to my ties to it, and then discounted it almost immediately... As much as I want it to be "the one" I will feel a bit like a fool after the last month of hell if it is... LOL! Wish me luck!

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    The Barker Tavern in Scituate is right by a light house great location amazing food. Atlantic in Cohasset is also a beautiful coastal location.
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    I'm getting married at the Red Lion in Cohasset which is a huge barn -- its gorgeous! We searched the Cape for a rustic feeling venue and couldn't find anything (my fiance is from the cape also) - however we have 225 people so with a smaller number you may have more luck. There was a yacht club in Truro that was on the cheaper side and it didn't have a yacht club feel at all - more of a laid back beachy cape cod feel. 

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    So it looks like the Overbrook house is going to be the place- sent in deposit, but have to tour again with mom befor we sign contrract and put 1/2 money down. Bummed that it is as pricey as it is, (blowing the budget right out of the box) but it is the closest thing that we have been able to find that has the right atmosphere- Plus my old farm is right by it, so I am going to ask my old trainer if I can do photos there for my "Barn" feel. As I said before, it is very appropriate due to past history, but it is hard to swollow that a back yard party is goin to cost more than a year of most peoples pay...

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    Congrats on booking the Overbrook House! It is a lovely venue and we at New England Country Rentals have rented farm tables, chairs, benches and other rental items to them a handful of times. They are a beautiful and professional organization. 

    Absolutely reach out wtih any rental needs!
  • Hello, I am curious to know how things have been going for your planning at the Overbrook House. I am a bridesmaid in my friends wedding and she is looking into the Overbrook House for an October wedding. Did you find a specific vendor for chairs etc? and for food too? I am helping her plan as much as possible. So, any ideas will be very helpful. Since you are very familiar with that area how do you think that the weather will be in October?

    Thanks -
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