Massachusetts-Cape Cod

For Sale: Bridal and bridesmaid clutches,navy blue and ivory satin

Hi ladies,

A little while back I purchased a bridal clutch and bridesmaid clutches off etsy from seller Poppypunch and have changed my mind and decided to buy something else for them. They are gorgeous clutches and very good quality! But I can't return them and would like to be able to get SOME of my money back to buy my girls something else.

I have 9 small ivory clutches with a navy blue flower, with 3 small pearls in the center (size is 6.75 x 3 inches)- Bought for $15, will sell for $10 each.

I also have 1 medium sized all ivory satin clutch, also with 3 small pearls in the center of the flower (size is 8 x 3.75 inches)- Bought for $20, will sell for $15.

See pictures below!

the color of the actual flower is darker than how it appears in the picture above. The picture below is more of an accurate color:

I'm located in Worcester County in Massachusetts and will meet up with anyone. If not, buyer pays shipping.

I will sell in sets of 3 minimum. The bridal clutch is the only one I will sell individually.

Please let me know if you are interested! If you PM me, please notify me here... i never check my PMs.

Thanks! :)
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